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Children are empowered since the moment they are born. They are curious researchers, eager explorers, inquisitive learners, resilient humans and driven individuals that need our guidance navigating the complexities of the world. When we recognize them as such and empower ourselves to be the role models and leaders they need; their dispositions towards life and learning are sustained.

We empower parents and teachers by questioning old paradigms and by sharing practical strategies that can be used in everyday interactions at home and in the classroom.

Cristina Barvo -Empower Kids for Life

Cristina Barvo

is an Early Childhood Educator graduated from UCLA with a degree in Administration and Management from Harvard University. She has experience teaching and consulting in Los Angeles where he has trained with Alise Shafer at Evergreen Community School and studied with George Forman, Gunilla Dahlberg, and Harold Gothson.

After a study tour at the Reggio Emilia Institute in Sweden, she was part of the founding staff of the Nest Global (Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles) where she trained teachers from all over the US and around the world.

our story

Nowadays everyone wants to be a blogger. I, on the other hand, never wanted to be one. It happened by accident when I was studying Early Childhood Education at UCLA and my final assignment for a class was creating a Teacher Book. It was meant to be a collection of the most valuable resources and information for my teaching career. As I started putting it together, I realized this wasn't meant to stay on my hard drive or in my teacher's inbox. It was meant to be shared. That's how the blog was born.

I had a similar feeling after my son was born in 2015 and the strategies I used as a teacher made my life easier at home. For that reason, I decided to share that knowledge and put together a workshop for parents.

Parents and teachers are in a constant search for answers, I know this from experience. Empower Kids for Life mission is to align your thoughts, your actions, and your words by providing practical strategies and information that help build strong relationships and raise critical thinkers.

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